School Council

What is School Council?

All Parents and Staff at Walter and Gladys Hill are members of the School Council.

The school council advises and consults with the principal on any matter relating to the school.

We are a means for parents to work together with the school to enhance and support student learning.

We meet once a month and all parents are encouraged to attend.  It is a great place to find out what is happening at the school and how to best support your child.

Monthly Meeting October 17th at 6:30pm

New Council Members for your 2017-2018 Year

Chair:  Cheyanne Jones

Vice Chair:  Shannon Smith

Secretary:  Tiffany Lavechia

Chair:  Facilitates meetings and acts as spoleperson for the council

Vice Chair:  Assits the chair and faciliater role of chair in the chairs absence

Secretary:  Takes minutes at meetings and maintains Council records

Directors at Large: (3) Voting member position without any specific duties 


Annual General Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes


Present: Michelle Summers, Patricia Hodder, Jacqueline Smith, Natalie Huntley, Shannon Smith, Tiffany Lavechia, Mellissa Gallant, Danielle Leckie, Annalee Nutter, Rakesh Chouham, Cheyanne Jones, Brittany Mudge




Meeting commenced at 6:33




  1. Review and Approve Agenda

    1. Agenda Approved




  1. Introduction

    1. Council is important group of people who play an advisory role in school improvement planning

    2. Executive Roles include School Council Chair which chair all meetings, coordinates with Principal and ensures that all operating procedures are followed.  Vice Chair is to assist the chair when absent and assist in anything needed from the Chair.  Secretary records all minutes of the meetings, types them and submits them to the Chair for approval. 

    3. Nominations-  Cheyanne Jones nominated by Brittany Mudge, Natalie seconds the nomination, Cheyanne accepts.  Shannon Smith nominated by forms sent home for Vice Chair, Brittany Mudge seconds decision Shannon accepts.  Secretary Tiffany was nominated by Shannon, Cheyanne seconds it, Tiffany accepts.  Directors at Large, Rakesh was nominated by forms sent home, he accepted after Brittany seconds it.  Melissa Gallant nominated by Cheyanne, Shannon seconds it and Melissa accepts.  Natalie was nominated by Shannon and seconded by Cheyanne, Natalie accepted. 




  1. Lunch for Div. 1 & Div 2

    1. What’s working?  Right now kids eating in the hallway and having the supervision is working, parents are complaining about their kids eating on the floor at the school but there is no way with the staffing that it can work either other way right now.

    2. Whats not working?  Parents don’t like the idea of their kids eating on the floor.  Ms. Nutter has decided that as of Thursday no one will be eating in the hallway until they figure out a new plan.  She has asked for anyone present at the meeting to talk to their mommy friends and see if we can think of a solution to this issue.

    3. What can we do as parents to ease supervision issues for staff?  Right now we all went away to talk to our friends and think of ideas.






  1. Principal Report

    1. Enrollment is up about 100 students this year; our numbers are expected to be up because of our programming, after school programs.  We are still below capacity of students and we are fully staffed this year.  We do have a new teacher who is being mentored by one of our best teachers.  Grade 5 is high in numbers this year, teachers want to keep it the way that it is and don’t want to split the classes.  There are traffic issues again this year, we are open to new options and advice, volunteers in the parking lot would be amazing but it is hard to get everyone to commit.  So far this year it is easier for parking as staff is walking, biking etc but as the colder weather hits the parking lot will be becoming more full so more help on the parking lot would be great.  Programming in the school is going amazing and are always full.  Fall Family Fun Night is October 26th, 2017, this consist of Volunteers whether they be staff members or parents.  Leader in Me for student leadership starts on October 20th.  Progress reports will be going out October 6th. 




  1. Meeting Times

    1. Email your preferred time and we will decide what works for everyone






Meeting Adjourned: 7:43




Come join us to find out what is happening in our school.  

Snacks and beverages will be provided!


Also looking for Classroom Representatives

A link between teachers, students, parents and school Council.  Information coming soon!



Event notices will be posted on the school council board, which is located in the lobby.

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