School Council

What is School Council?

All Parents and Staff at Walter and Gladys Hill are members of the School Council.

The school council advises and consults with the principal on any matter relating to the school.

We are a means for parents to work together with the school to enhance and support student learning.

We meet once a month and all parents are encouraged to attend.  It is a great place to find out what is happening at the school and how to best support your child.

Monthly Meeting October 17th at 6:30pm

Meeting Minutes

Present: Cheyanne Jones, Shannon Smith, Devagi Sheth, Purvi Soni, Michelle Summers, Brittany Mudge, Annalee Nutter, Kriscinda Maki, Brandy Naidu, Freya Fourny, Natalie Huntley.

Meeting commenced at 6:32

  1. Review and Approve Minutes

    1. Minutes approved

  2. Review and Approve Agenda

    1. Agenda Approved but Cheyanne added that any issues or concerns should not be brought to social media, it should be private messaged to one of the Chairs.

  3. Principal Report

  4. The leader in me has had a great sign up for this coming weekend.The staff members will be doing their 3rd day on Friday October 20th all day.If you would like to send along a parent your more than welcome to.Brittany had traded off her day on Saturday with Natalie so that Brittany could attend Friday as she is a stay at home Mom.

  5. Lighthouse Team is support for the staff to see if they have done their Personal Mission Statements.

  6. Reggio family is doing a dance for Halloween on October 31st.

  7. Family Fall Fair Fun Night is October 26th at 6:30, there will be different stations and the Society Committee will be hosting a dance with prizes for Scariest Costume, Funniest and Best Overall.

  8. Monthly Assemblies are now being led by the Students, they are putting everything together themselves.We also have the follow lead by students; Breakfast Club, Art Gallery, Dodge Ball, Hot Lunch and greeters for special occasions or guest visiting our school.

  9. Language Clubs have started, everyone is showing up.

  10. Math tutoring – Annalee will be speaking with district on this, we would like to have it for the middle of October for parent training to help kids.

  11. Grade 3 is doing who do you tell – Permission goes to parents, this goes through Waypoints.Grade 2 will be doing Be Safe and Grade 4-6 are doing a more in-depth course.

  12. Goals for 2017-2018 School Year

    1. Would like to generate more interest in Council

    2. Posting Meeting Minutes on our Website to allow parents to follow what we are doing and maybe generate more interest.

    3. Home Literacy program is a big goal for this year.Mr. Marty Giles has been approached to fund for our Home Literacy Program.

    4. Syncrude offers different funding around the community as well and you can go to the Website to apply, Cheyanne/Brittany to follow up.

      Parks and Recreation has a survey that we can complete to try to put more word about our Playground not being sufficient enough for our students.  Shannon to follow up to get the website to complete the survey.

    5. Volunteer on Cross Walk on Sparrow Hawk as it is a bad Crosswalk to cross.We should look into having a Grade 6 student compete the program so that there is someone to help kids safely cross on the sidewalk.

    6. Drop in home work.We will have a teacher supervise with tutors to help Students with their homework after school.

  13. Lunch in the Flex Space/Hallway

    1. It is a lot of work to prepare for it but it is working now.

  14. Fire Drill Preparedness

    1. No fire drill happens in the winter as it is too cold, possibly in the spring.Teacher have bags at classrooms to take with them outside.These bags include blankets to keep the kids warm if they are required to be outside for a long period of time.If it is something that we cannot control and we cannot get back in the school we are to go to the businesses across the street.

      Meeting closed at 7:26


Event notices will be posted on the school council board, which is located in the lobby.

Join School Council Remind @447573