Walter and Gladys Hill Friends of Ravens Society


What is the Friends of Ravens Society?

All parents and staff of Walter and Gladys Hill are members of the Friends of Ravens Society.

The Friends of Ravens society is a group of parents that meet once a month to discuss school issues.  Also acts as a go between for parents and teaching staff that helps raise funds to enhance our childrens education.

The Friends of Ravens raises funds through weekly hot lunch sales, special fundrasing campaigns througout the school year, such as the Poinsettias...which will be coming soon! We also have our first casino next fall. These funds are used to provide financial support to the school.  

Next Monthly Meeting

 Tuesday November 7th @ 6:30pm


Meeting Minutes October 17th

Present: Cheyanne Jones, Shannon Smith, Devagi Sheth, Purvi Soni, Michelle Summers, Brittany Mudge, Annalee Nutter, Kriscinda Maki, Brandy Naidu, Freya Fourny, Natalie Huntley.

Meeting commenced at 7:27

  1. Review and Approve Agenda

    1. Agenda Approved

Review of September Financials

  1. President Report

    1. There are a lot of Halloween O’ Grams, Brittany will be finalizing them this weekend and is accepting any help that she can get.These Halloween O’ Grams should be divided up to each student.

    2. Christmas Market Tables are filling up fast, our Christmas Market is on December 9th and we will be putting in a table as a bake sale table as we all voted it would be a good idea.

    3. Poinsettia’s Order form will go out beginning of November, the Orders will have to be submitted by November 10th with Delivery being on November 23rd.

    4. Family Fun Night is on October 26th and we will be hosting the Dance and have costume prizes for Scariest, Funniest, Best Overall.The prizes were decided to be gift cards from Color Me Mine, Stuffy Riders, Landmark Cinemas.

  2. Hot Lunch is going really good, Village Bizarre to cook once a week?How do we feel about that?It would be much easier and it would be something different every week.Everyone had voted that it would work and if it was easier for the people who were helping with Hot Lunch.

  3. Meeting Times will be the first Tuesday of Every Month at 6:30 pm

Meeting closed at 7:59

September Monthly Financial

September 2017                             Regular Account

Opening Balance:            $ 1,855.15

Assets:                                 $ 2,743.45                            Hot Lunch & Reimbursement for Robotics Lunch

Liabilities:                           $ 950.84                               Hot Lunch Expense

                                                $ 420.00                               Hot Lunch Registration for the year

                                                $ 15.45                                  Banking Fees

Total Profit:                        $ 1,357.16

Closing Balance:               $ 3,212.31


September 2017                   Casino Account

Opening Balance:            $ 40,875.91

Assets:                                 None

Liabilities:                           $ 485.63                               School Magnets sent home beginning of year

                                                $ 1,794.56                            Raz Kids License

                                                $ 6.00                                    Banking Fees

Total Profit:                        None    

Closing Balance:               $ 38,589.72




Come join us to find out what is new and exciting for this school year!

Snacks and Beverages will be provided!

Why we need to school council AND Fundraising Society?

A fundraising society is a legal entity incorporated and therefore can retain a gaming license and apply for grants.  This opens up the possibility to raise more money faster!


Information will be posted on the school council board, which is located in the lobby, throughout the year when events are happening.

Join our remind @283d41

Contact us at

Hot Lunch

We are now ordering online for Hot lunches.

To order hot lunches go to

Join hot lunch remind @283d417