Walter and Gladys Hill Public School develops engaged 21st century learners from ECDP to Grade 6. Our students are ethical, global citizens learning through collaboration and inquiry with an entrepreneurial spirit that meaningfully contributes to society.

About Our School

 At Walter and Gladys Hill Public School we offer a variety of language programs to our students. There are many benefits to learning second languages which are supported by research and Alberta Education.  We offer exposure to a new language every year in grades 4,5& 6 to help students when they move on to high school.  The exposure helps them decide on a language based on their experience here, and therefore they don't waste time "trying out" a second language at high school.  All of our programs are introductory courses covering Alberta Education's curriculum outcomes for the specific languages.

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This year we are offering 6 different classes over 150 minutes per week. Sixty minutes per week are spent with a native speaker who volunteers through the Multi Cultural and French Society, and who co-plan and teach with classroom teachers.  The remaining 90 minutes per week is spent with the regular class teacher reviewing concepts learned with the native speaker, or studying the country's culture.  Project based learning is utilized todevelop meaningful learning for the students.  

Click on the links below to learn more about specific language programs and check back often for updated information and teacher biographies!

  Spanish                                  Mandarin                                 Japanese                                      Arabic              Afrikaans                      French

Each class learns the same basic topics to achieve the outcomes from the Provincial curriculum.  The following topics are covered in oral and written as well as Cultural aspects of the program:


Oral and Written



-say your name








-essential questions for class

-numbers 1-10


Term 1 Project: Brochure


-classroom/calendar (Days/months)

-calendar history

-history (major events)

Term 1 Quiz




-Famous/known for

-Christmas Around the World

Jan. &


-school vocabulary

-focus on festivals specific to the language

-Term 2 project: labels

-Chinese New Year/Carnivale


-clothing & food

-clothing & food

-Term 2 Quiz


-multicultural month

Term 3 Project: Cultural Slideshow

Multicultural Project



-family unit

-body parts



-family unit




Term 3 Quiz


Meet our Mandarin teacher--Alex (Deng Jitao)!

Alex was born in China and we are happy to have him as our visiting teacher through the Confucius Institute.  He teaches Mandarin to our Grade 4-6 Mandarin Class, but also to the entire school body as well as an after school club.  He has been teaching for about 4 years and has visited countries such as the USA, France, Mexico, Italy, and he has lived in Madagascar, and now Canada!  He graduated from Northeast Normal Univesity with a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese.  He enjoys teaching the practical language and popular Chinese Culture to students. He hopes the students enjoy Chinese class and find it interesting and that it makes them happy.

Meet our Afrikaans teacher--Ms. Breitkreuz!!

Mrs. Breitkreuz was born is South Africa and her native language is Afrikaans. She is a first year teacher at WGHill and has visited many countries such as Mexico, the USA, England and South Africa.  She graduated from the University of Calgary last year.  She says that "Every student is on the same level when learning a new language.  This equals the playing field and gives everyone a new arena to excel in".  She looks forward to expanding the awareness of the diversity amongst cultures in the world.  

Meet our Japanese teacher--Mr. Baseley!

Mr. Baseley was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and his native language is Japanese & English.  He has been teaching for 10 years and for 9 of those years he has taught High School Japanese.  He has travelled to 20 countries and lived in 6!  He loves sharing his interest in the Japanese language, Japanese history and culture with others, and more importantly, sparking the same interest for them. He looks forward to having the chance to teach Japanese to younger students versus the High School level.


Meet our Arabic Volunteer--Khaled Qanawati!


Meet our Spanish  Volunteer--Susan Zeballos!

Susan was born in Peru and her native language is Spanish.  She has lived in numerous countries such as Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Colmbia the USA and Canada.  She loves to show and help others learn about her culture.  She looks forward to teaching about the diversity of her culture.



Meet our French  Volunteer--Kouame Adey!

Kouame Adie was born in the Ivory Coast and his native language is French.  Kouame has his Masters in Project Management and has been a volunteer teacher for 3 years now.  Kouame has traveled to China, the USA, France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Ghana,  and he has lived in Dubai and the United Emirates.  He loves sharing his vision for having a second language that can be part of everyone's great success in life.  He looks forward to mobilizing and encouraging children and their desire to be comfortable with the French language.