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Pandas | South China Morning Post

Hi Ravens, 

This is Mr. Chang from China. Born and raised in China, it is a great honor to contribute to WGH.

Before joining the Ravens, I served as a teacher of Chinese abroad in Fiji, the US and Vanuatu for seven years. It was during that period that I experienced personally the great significance of this career and deeply fell in love with it. Teaching Chinese abroad not only brought me the sense of accomplishment, but also improved my professional qualities and enriched my life experience.

Prior to the abroad teaching adventure, I have taught subjects like Chinese, Math, English, served as dean of studies, vice principal and managed the Zibo Lingfeng Bilingual School which helped me gain solid language teaching and school management experience. Due to my diligent and fruitful contribution, I have been recognized as excellent teacher, education pacemaker, etc. by the school district. 

From this term, we are going to systematically learn Happy Chinese textbook. It is a set of elementary Chinese textbooks for kids in English speaking countries. It includes a student's book, mp3 and SOFTWARE which integrated all the major files of three books onto one platform. Please download the zipped file and unzip it on your local drive. Double click the "Start" menu, it would run smoothly on Windows system. For full screen, please set the 'display resolution' to '800*600'. On mac platform with the Elmedia Video Player, you could also play the video files in folders 'read' for new words, 'sentence' for sentences, 'movies' for dialogue cartoons, 'videos' for background info. Daily practice is super super useful for language learning, please take advantage of the courseware and use it for daily review. I have a vision of our students here could master all the three books before graduation. Basically, step by step, we will use book one for Grade 1&2, book two for Grade 3&4, book 3 for Grade 5&6.

The second must read in the  WGH Chinese Class Google Drive Folder is Links of current Chinese learning materials. All the web links of our current class activities are listed on the page. With it, you could easily keep track with what have explored. 

I have included all the supporting materials in the WGH Chinese Class Google Drive Folder. Apart from the whole Happy Chinese files, I have also provided some fancy cartoons like The Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese Literature,  Introduction to Modern Chinafor the kids to enjoy. 

I will share the weekly notice on this page each Friday. Your regular visit is highly appreciated. My contact info are as follows,

Email:;  Twitter: @Jianjun_Chang. Office tel:  780-743-3101 EXT 1360. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Wish you a happy and fruitful school year:)

Mr Chang


📢  Announcement  

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