Walter and Gladys Hill Public School develops engaged 21st century learners from ECDP to Grade 6. Our students are ethical, global citizens learning through collaboration and inquiry with an entrepreneurial spirit that meaningfully contributes to society.

Mrs. R. Crist


Hi, I am Mrs. Crist and I have the privilege of being your child’s teacher this year. I look forward to assisting and celebrating your child’s growth this year.  I originally hail from British Columbia, but have called Fort McMurray home since 2005.  I have taught diverse grades in a variety of communities within British Columbia and Alberta.  I hold a few degrees, which not only inspire my teaching practice but demonstrate my love of learning.  These achievements include a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education.  I enjoy being a part of the learning community of WGH as well as a member of our vibrant community outside of school.

We have an exciting year ahead of us, as your child develops socially, emotionally, and academically.  We will enjoy taking new steps as we celebrate our achievements together.  First grade is an incredible year where children experience greater independence as they refine their abilities.

I look forward to our partnership in the year ahead.  Please use the following contact information:   phone: (780) 743-3101, email , or drop by the school. 

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Task 1: Keep away from the dog.

Task 2: Review new learning each day!

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1 – Login to Raz-Kids

2 – Use the card sent in your child’s agenda to login. Teacher: rcrist1

3 – Help your child with the reading and robot. 

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1 – Find sight words in their environment. “I see the   word ‘stop’ on the sign.”

2 – Play “I Spy” with the sight words. “I spy a word that starts with the sound ‘wh’.”

3 – Play “flash” with the sight word cards.  The person who says it first, keeps the word.

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1 – Each week, your child will learn to spell 5 sight words in their spelling books.

2 – Cheer the word.  “Give me an ‘a’, ‘n’, ‘d’.   What does that spell? AND!”

3 – Use the word to create a simple sentence. “I like to read _______(with) you!” 

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1 – From Monday-Thursday children will bring home book bags & sight word rings.

2 – Talk about the topic of the book and make some predictions about what they will be reading.

3 – Reading the book together.  Share some connections with the text.

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1 – Login to mathletics:

       2 – Use the card sent in your child’s agenda to login.

3 – Help your child with the activities. 

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Please check the following for important events and notices:

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calendar link:

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For text messages, text: @mrscristg to 587-802-0636

For email, send an email to:


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As the temperature drops in fall, students will need to arrive prepared for their outdoor breaks with:

☑ fall jacket

☑ head wear

☑ hand wear

☑ warm shoes or boots

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At the end of each day, children are asked to pick up items from the shelf next to the class door. 

Any items that are left behind are placed in lost and found, as they may belong to children in other classes.

Lost and found is located in our school’s main office.

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Thank you for being safe, caring, supportive partners in learning!

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