Walter and Gladys Hill Public School develops engaged 21st century learners from ECDP to Grade 6. Our students are ethical, global citizens learning through collaboration and inquiry with an entrepreneurial spirit that meaningfully contributes to society.

School Council

What is School Council?

All Parents and Staff at Walter and Gladys Hill are members of the School Council.

The school council advises and consults with the principal on any matter relating to the school.

We are a means for parents to work together with the school to enhance and support student learning.

We meet once a month and all parents are encouraged to attend.  It is a great place to find out what is happening at the school and how to best support your child.

School Council - Mission Statement

School Council - Rules of Order

School Council - Operation Procedures

Alberta School Council Assoc - Webpage


Members of School Council

Chair: Freya Fourny

Co-chair: Iman Azedeh

Parent Council Advisor: Shannon Smith

Secretary: Tiffany Lavechia

Directors at large:

Kriscinda Maki

Elena Gould

Janet Pardy


School Year 2020-2021


Meeting Schedule:

September 29th - Agenda - Minutes

October 27th -AGM - AgendaMinutes

November 25th - AgendaMinutes

December-no meeting

January 26th - Agenda - Minutes

February -no meeting

March - 30th - Agenda - Minutes

April -27th - Agenda - Minutes

June 1 - Agenda









Event notices will be posted on the school council board, which is located in the lobby.

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