Walter and Gladys Hill Public School develops engaged 21st century learners from ECDP to Grade 6. Our students are ethical, global citizens learning through collaboration and inquiry with an entrepreneurial spirit that meaningfully contributes to society.

Smarter Science

What is Smarter Science™?

Smarter Science is a framework for teaching and learning science in grades 1–12 and for developing the skills of inquiry, creativity, and innovation in a meaningful and engaging manner. Students engaged in Smarter Science-based activities are actively investigating and problem solving, enabled by a teacher who helps them address challenges relevant to their world. As they learn to think and act like scientists, students become increasingly independent and self-confident learners.

Our staff was trained  by a qualified trainer and coach, Vicki Dawe (Westwood Science Teacher) who worked with them to incorporate this process into their science lessons. The benefit to the students is that they get hands on learning which focuses on inquiry processes. Ms. Dawe was in our school daily for a portion of time.  Ms. Dawe also organized the School Science Fair and helped teachers and students prepare for the Regional Science Fair.  As of fall 2016 we have our very own in-school coach, Ms. Gaudet,  who has successfully demonstrated excellence in teaching using the Smarter Science Framework. For the 2017-18 School Year she will be spearheading the optional Science Fair projects and providing feedback to students as they work through their projects.

We were very proud of our 5 winners this year, 9 Science Fair winners last year, the 8 winners from the prior year.