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Grades 4-6 Language courses

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Grades 4-6 Language courses

Four options for language classes are offered for all of our grades 4-6 students.  Rather than just offering French, we also alternatively offer Mandarin, Arabic, and Spanish.  There may be some new courses offered this year as well, and when we can confirm we will share this information with you.

Research findings indicate that students involved in language learning demonstrate improved student achievement, positive intellectual potential, improved skills in their first language and a positive attidtude towards diversity according to Alberta Education. It also provides students with a competitive edge that will help them succeed in the global economy and increase their potential career options.

We work together with the Multicultural Association to find native speakers to work with classroom teachers on the language as well as the cultural piece for each language we offer.  Students choose their top 3 picks for language class for the year and then we try to place them in one of their top two choices.  Because these are introductory classes, we try to expose the students to a different language each year.  This way, when they get to Junior High and High School, they know which one they may want to specialize in and do not have to "try out" a new language they have never been exposed to before.

Language courses usually start in mid September.  

For more information you can contact the school and speak to Ms. Nutter or Mr. Parsons.