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Tech and Trade Academy for Fall 2016

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Tech and Trade Academy for Fall 2016

Tech and Trade Academy Registration for NEW registrants in grades 4-6 will take place in late August. The evening will open with a brief information session followed by a chance for interested first year students to take a look at some of the projects they will be creating during Tech and Trade Academy. This will help them decide if Tech & Trade is something they want to pursuit.

Next year's  First year students will meet once a week from 3:00-4:30 on Tuesdays.  There will be 12 spots available in Pre-Engineering and the same in Multi Media for WGH students.  The remaining 8 spots in each stream will be held for students from other schools.  Student commitment to the program by attending every session is necessary for success. As we predict many registrations, criteria will be discussed at the Registration night.  The program requires students to be self starters who are motivated by the stream they choose, and can problem solve collaboratively with others in a cooperative fashion.  

For those currently enrolled in Tech and Trade at will continue on to your second year with new projects and events.  You will get registration forms through your Tech & Trade instructors in June. Next year the session times will be changing.  You will meet once a week from 3:45-5:15 on Wednesdays.  This later time will accommodate students who want to play on sports teams as well as our Grade 6's who will need to come to WGH from Ecole McTavish to the Academy.  

You can see an outline of the 4 year program on our current brochure.  We will have updated brochures for everyone on registration night.   You can email your interest to and you will be contacted about the registration night.