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So many Extra Curricular Activities!!!

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So many Extra Curricular Activities!!!


We are very proud to be able to offer many opportunities to our students when it comes to extra curricluar activities.  There are in fact, so many this season that we cannot fit them all onto the website calendar so we are going to share it all right here.  Thank you to our community partners and volunteers who dedicate their time and resources to some of these programs!  

Notes to sign up for new clubs will come home this week and should be returned as soon as possible as some will have limited enrollment.  Some will also have fees associated to cover costs of materials, space and instructors.  Pay attention to the details on the forms that come home as this news article will only list the basics.  

Mondays:   Gr. 4-6 Girls:  Project Bold (11:30-12:10) and Media Smarts (3:00-4:00) as presented by Girls Inc

                    Grade 4-6 Art Club  3:00-4:00 as previously arranged

                    Gr. 5/6 boys basketball  3:00-4:30

                    Gr. 3-6 Move your Mood (11:30-12:10)  as presented by YMCA Eagle Ridge

                    Gr. 1-3 Choir  3:00-4:00

Tuesdays:    Gr. 4-6 Skipping club (3:00-4:00) with certified coach, Hona (will include younger grades in Spring)

                    Gr. 1-6 Beginner Mandarin (must attend Tues &Wed) 3:00-4:00

                    Gr. 1/2 Art Club 3:00-4:00 as previously arranged

                    Gr. 5/6 Girls Basketball  3:00-4:00

                    Year 1/2 MultiMedia  & Year 1 Pre-Engineering Group K  3:00-4:15

                    After School Tutor Program as organized by the MCA  2:45-4:15

Wednesdays:  Gr. 5/6 Boys Basketball  3:00-4:30

                        Gr. 3-6 Move your Mood (11:30-12:10) as presented by YMCA Eagle Ridge

                       Gr. 1-6 Beginner Mandarin (must attend Tues &Wed) 3:00-4:00

                       Gr. 4-6 Choir  3:00-4:00

                       Year 1 Pre-Engineering Group L  3:00-4:15

                       Year 2 Pre-Engineering 4:15-5:30

Thursdays:   Gr. 5/6 Girls Basketball  3:00-4:00

                     Gr. 4 Aquarium Club  3:00-4:00

                     Gr. 4-6 Chess and Checker Club (which will grow to Gr.2/3 later) & Sewing Club  11:30-12:10

                     Gr. 2/3 Taichi with instructor Meng Jia  3:00-3:45  (Other grades later date)

                     Gr. 4-6 Drama Club  3:00-4:00 

                     After School Tutor Program as organized by the MCA  2:45-4:15

Fridays:  Gr. 3-6 Move your Mood (11:30-12:10) as presented by YMCA Eagle Ridge

WOW!!!  Watch for details on new clubs coming home this week!