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Friends of Ravens meeting

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Friends of Ravens meeting

What is the Friends of Ravens Society?

All parents of Walter and Gladys Hill are members of the Friends of Ravens Society.

The Friends of Ravens society   provides a means for parents and the community to provide financial resources to support the school.  The main role is fundraising.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday Oct. 16th following the school council 6:30 pm meeting.


Executive Members:    
President:  Cheyanne Jones
Vice-President: Janet Pardy
Secretary:  Shannon Smithers
Treasurer:  Nikki MacDonnell
Directors at Large:  To be voted in at October 16th Meeting
  1. Welcome/Introduction                Cheyanne                                                                                    
  2. Approve Meeting  Agenda                                                                                   
  3. Approve September 25th Meeting  Minutes                                                                                 
  4. Bylaw  Review           Cheyanne and group discussion                                                                 
  5. Rules of order    Cheyanne and group discussion                                                                         
  6. Changes coming for  society      Cheyanne and group discusssion                                            
  7. 3 year Plan for society                Cheyanne & Group Discussion                                        
  8. Financial Report for  September     Nikki MacDonnell                                                               
  9. Fundraising  Ideas                    Cheyanne & Group Discussion                                       
  10. On going Fundraisers discussion         Cheyanne                                                                           
    • Raffle Tickets
    • Poinsettia's
    • Halloween O'Grams
  11. Election of Director's at  Large       Cheyanne                                                                                
    1. Two Members Previously Nominated Michelle Summers and Shawn Short
  12. Adjourn meeting