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"Can"struction event Partnership with Wood Buffalo Food Bank

"Can"struction event Partnership with Wood Buffalo Food Bank

~article written by Grade 6


Facts about Canstruction event:

The Wood Buffalo Food Bank was very excited to be hosting the 2015 Canstruction as a partnership with “The Western Canada Summer Games 2015 Wood Buffalo” And all the cans used in the structure are donated to the food bank! 

What is canstruction?

“Canstruction, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that holds competitions to construct fantastic, giant structures made entirely of non-perishable food.”


When is canstruction?

Mar 27, 2015-----------WGH’S Concept is  Due (And practice builds can begin)

April 24, 2015 --------Food Delivery to build Site (WGHill School)

April 25, 2015 --------Canstruction Jr. Build Day

Why do we do Canstruction?

One of the reasons we do Canstruction is simply for the joy of getting to be creative. Also, it’s super cool that all the cans used in the 7’ x 7’ structure are donated to the food bank! This year the theme for Canstruction is WCSG 2015WB!( Western Canadian Summer Games 2015 Wood Buffalo) We still get to be creative but with a theme ,which kind of gives us an idea of what to be thinking of well making this structure.

Where is Canstruction?

This event will be held at the Walter and Gladys Hill Public School gym.

Who is participating in canstruction?

11 - grade 6 students are participating in JR. canstruction this year!

How can I help out?

You can help out by donating a can(or some cans) to the office or To Mrs. Swanson’s Grade 6 classroom! When you donate, You can Choose to fill out your name on a “mini can.”  Our Canstruction team will collect these “mini Cans” to make a special mural to recognize your help! Notice in our display, the cans are all “western family” brand from save on foods because they are a sponsor of this event.


We need at least 5000 CANS! To build our design:

  • 2,000 Small cans (Like our tuna cans)
  • 1,500 medium cans (like our diced tomatoes/refried bean cans)
  • 1,500 large cans (like our black bean cans)