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Outdoor Classroom Project

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Outdoor Classroom Project

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Nexen for thier support of $5000 for our outdoor classroom space.  This, along with over $3000 in fundraising has allowed us to cerate a base space where we can learn outdoors all year long.  As the students begin using the space they will discover more needs and begin even more project based learning activities to fill the at and assist in their learning.

We want to thank Rona, whom without we would not have had the learning experience of using drills safely, creating flower bed frames and pallet planters.  We apprecieated the human resources at our school to work with our students.

We want to thank Dunvegan Gardens who started the process with us last year by sharing their expertise, allowing us to come on firled trips to learn about gardening and supplying us with plants and trees as well as seating for our outdoor space.  Having Bill provide us with a design plan was invaluable!

We want to thank A1 Topsoil for their donation and product as well as Burnco's fast and efficient support with getting mulch to site in a timely manner.  And finally, we want to thank Matt, from JenCol for assisting with last minute spreading of the mulch!

Without all of your support, we would not have completed our project goal for the year.  We appreciate you all and hope to continue working with you in the future!