Taneille Haines-Reid

About Me

I am so excited to be teaching grade four at Walter and Gladys Hill Public School this year! I am from Newfoundland Labrador, and actually just moved into the Fort McMurray Public School District. I graduated in 2006 from Memorial University, receiving a Bachelor of Education degree, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree. I completed my Master of Education Degree in Literacy in 2015 from Mount Saint Vincent University. I have taught in Newfoundland, as well as, overseas in Doha, Qatar.

I enjoy spending a lot of time outside. I love traveling, taking Sadie (my teacup poodle) for walks, and spending time with my husband and family. I also enjoy yoga, cooking, reading, and learning new things.

I am looking forward to getting to know you and working with you throughout the year. I can be reached by email at taneille.haines-reid@fmpsd.ab.ca, by calling Walter and Gladys Hill Public School at 780-743-3101, or visiting me at the school. 

Please sign up for our classroom REMIND account to hear about daily activities and important events. 

Text this message:@grade4nmr 

To this number: (613) 702-7747. (Please note this is a one-way text to acctivate your account, I will not receive any text messages sent to this number.) 

Visit our classroom website at https://sites.google.com/a/fmpsd.ab.ca/mrshainesreidgr4/home