WGH Friends of Ravens Society

What is the Friends of Ravens Society?

All parents and staff of Walter and Gladys Hill can be members of the Friends of Ravens Society.

The Friends of Ravens society is a group of parents that meet once a month to discuss fundraising, to help bring together funds for those extra things that the school and classrooms need.

The Friends of Ravens raises funds through weekly hot lunch sales, special fundraising campaigns throughout the school year. These funds are used to provide financial support to the school. 

Why do we need a school Society?

A fundraising society is a legal entity incorporated and therefore can retain a gaming license and apply for grants. This opens up the possibility to raise more money faster!

Check out the Society BYLAWS here.

Members of School Council for 2022-2023

  • Chair - Mindy Francis
  • Co- Chair - Chantelle McAllum
  • Treasurer - Marie McKay
  • Secretary - Christina Oxamitny
  • Hot Lunch Coordinator - Heather Pinsent 
  • Volunteer Coordiantor - Kriscinda Maki
  • Directors at Large -