Staff Directory

Staff Directory


Photo of Thomas Andrews

Mr. Thomas Andrews


Phone: 7807433101

Photo of Mrs. Amy Hrovat

Mrs. Amy Hrovat

Vice Principal

Administrative Assistants

Photo of Jocelyn Miko

Ms. Jocelyn Miko

Senior Office Administrative Assistant

Phone: 780-743-3101

Photo of Chelsea Lyver

Ms. Chelsea Lyver

Office Administrative Assistant

Photo of Shelley Xie

Ms. Shelley Xie

Learning Commons Librarian

Student Services

placeholder image for Danielle Leckie

Ms. Danielle Leckie

Learning Assistance Coordinator

Photo of Caroline Amofah

Ms. Caroline Amofah

Mental Health Counsellor


Photo of Mrs. Booker

Mrs. Booker

ECDP Reggio

placeholder image for Mrs Falloon

Mrs Falloon

placeholder image for Ms. Sandha

Ms. Sandha

KG Reggio

Photo of Ms. White

Ms. White

KG Reggio

Photo of Mrs. Crist

Mrs. Crist

Grade 1

Photo of Mrs. Canning

Mrs. Canning

Grade 1/2

Photo of Mrs. Watton

Mrs. Watton

Grade 1

Photo of Ms. Legaspi

Ms. Legaspi

Grade 2

Photo of Mrs. Swain

Mrs. Swain

Grade 2

Photo of Ms. Reoch

Ms. Reoch

Grade 2

Photo of Mrs. Horsley

Mrs. Horsley

Grade 3

Photo of Mrs. Hambolu

Mrs. Hambolu

Grade 3

Photo of Mrs. MacSween

Mrs. MacSween

Grade 4

Photo of Mrs. Carson

Mrs. Carson

Grade 4

Photo of Ms. MacKinnon

Ms. MacKinnon

Grade 5

Photo of Mrs. Dinney

Mrs. Dinney

Grade 5

Photo of Ms. Reid

Ms. Reid

Grade 6

Photo of Ms. LaFrance

Ms. LaFrance

Grade 6

Photo of Ms. Bailey

Ms. Bailey

Grade 6

Photo of Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith

Phys Ed

Photo of Mrs. Long

Mrs. Long


placeholder image for Ms. Drayson

Ms. Drayson

Grade 2

Educational Assistants

Photo of Ashley LeRiche

Ashley LeRiche

Division One

Photo of Karmel Evans

Karmel Evans

Early Learning

Photo of Adriana Mitchell

Adriana Mitchell

Division Two/Early Learning

Photo of Sara Bailley

Sara Bailley

Division 2

Photo of Kelly Critch

Kelly Critch

Division 2

Photo of Melissa Doucet

Melissa Doucet

Division One

Photo of Shadab Fatima

Shadab Fatima

Division 2

Photo of Charmaine Gordon

Charmaine Gordon

Early Learning

Photo of Jill Harding

Jill Harding

Early Learning

Photo of Wilma Harris

Wilma Harris

Division 2

Photo of Rubina Jagir

Rubina Jagir

Early Learning

Photo of Roshinie Laljie

Roshinie Laljie

Division 1

Photo of Jenelle Legge-Philpott

Jenelle Legge-Philpott

Early Learning

Photo of Shannon McCambley

Shannon McCambley

Division 2

Photo of Shellan Peddle

Shellan Peddle

Early Learning

Photo of Wendy Rutherford

Wendy Rutherford

Division 2

Photo of Bijal Shah

Bijal Shah

Early Learning

Photo of Masooma Syed

Masooma Syed

Division 1

Photo of Kristin Thornton

Kristin Thornton

Division One

Photo of Shaiann Lewis

Shaiann Lewis

Division 1

Photo of Jenna Chard

Jenna Chard

Division 1

Photo of Nina Thakar

Nina Thakar

Early Learning

Photo of Buddika Arachchige

Buddika Arachchige

Early Learning

Photo of Heather Pinsent

Heather Pinsent

Early Learning

Photo of Vani Jasti

Vani Jasti

Early Learning

placeholder image for Kim Hurd

Kim Hurd

Early Learning

placeholder image for Kim Crant

Kim Crant

Division 1

placeholder image for Cherie Smith

Cherie Smith

Divsion 1

placeholder image for Uzma Afroz

Uzma Afroz

Division 1

placeholder image for Alanna Bince

Alanna Bince

Early Learning


Photo of Betsy Randell

Betsy Randell

Head Custodian

Photo of Cody Dove

Cody Dove

Day Custodian

Photo of Mary Leard

Mary Leard

Night Custodian